Murray Cod

Image of Murray cod.
Image of Murray cod.

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The Murray cod grows very big and is a strong and powerful fish. This species of fish has excellent tolerance to a range of conditions including temperature, and can survive in a range of water conditions throughout Australia. Murray cod feed on other fish and crayfish.

Murray cod can grow to immense sizes - up to 180 cm and 114 kg. Farmed Murray cod usually grow to 55 - 65 cm and 2 - 5 kg. Murray cod have a marbled effect on their skin. Their colouring can range from olive green to a yellowish-green. The following are the main identifying features of the Murray cod:
  • The caudal fin (tail) is round (not forked).
  • Its head is quite broad, with a slight curve at the top of its head.
  • It has a single dorsal fin with 10 - 12 spines.

Murray cod are found in fresh water, particularly in slow-flowing, murky rivers in the south-east of Australia. They like to hide among fallen trees and other debris in these rivers. Murray cod have also been successfully farmed in lakes and dams.
Map of Australia showing Murray cod habitat
Map of Australia showing Murray cod habitat


Water quality factor
Optimum range
24 - 25°C
6 - 8
Dissolved oxygen
More than 5 mg/l
30 - 45 cm
50 - 100 mg/l
20 - 100 mg/l
Less than 0.1 mg/l
Less than 0.1 mg/l
Less than 3 ppt